Odor Training 

OS&E provides training services to clients for conducting routine ambient odor monitoring of odors downwind of the client's facility to identify and quantify ambient odors and trace them back to their source(s). Many clients wish to conduct such surveys so corrective measures can be taken as soon as possible to prevent ambient odors from becoming a nuisance. In addition, we provide training of client staff, including both industrial facilities and governmental agencies, in odor complaint response and investigation techniques. We also equip and train clients staffs how to sample emission sources and measure the odor concentration of these samples as a means of monitoring process performance or control systems efficiency.

Such training programs have been conducted by OS&E for a wide variety of industrial firms including chemical manufacturing plants, resource recovery facilities, petroleum refineries, wastewater treatment plants and solids handling facilities as well as for regulatory agency staff for many states and regions in the U.S.

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